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GBA is a cost effective marketing tool and puts your business in front of thousands of people each year.


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GBA advocates on behalf of local businesses.  Our board is comprised of local business owners and is a dynamic connector for business.

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More about the Greenhaven Business Alliance

  • Mission
    The Greenhaven Business Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of business leaders and business visionaries dedicated to pursuing higher levels of business investment, commercial Innovation, and economic development for the advancement of local entrepreneurial capacity, and the growth and vibrancy of Commerce and the communities of proposed Greenhaven.
  • Vision
    We see our future as a tight tandem alliance of business leaders leveraged with community sensitive business success models enough to influence agility expediency accountability and efficiency and governance so as to direct the growth and sustainability of proposed Greenhaven as a “21st century international city”.
  • Objectives
    1. Develop and convene sophisticated and knowledge-based strategic discussions of the historical and the present business “lay of the land” so as to thoroughly Benchmark a future desire trajectory.

    2. Recruit and build upon the number of serious business Minds ready to demonstrate a higher level of their Acumen and optimize their potential in tandem with their cohorts.

    3. Research for an engage other professional advice, enough to develop public-private Partnerships such as a Development Authority built and designed to stimulate Economic Development distinctive to the prospects of proposed Greenhaven.

    4. Openly share tactics and information and best practice models to stimulate consumer growth, top tier business attraction, entrepreneurship investment, and robust patient activity throughout the proposed Greenhaven, and

    5. Support the efforts and provide valuable input to get the proposed city of Greenhaven approved and implemented for the better interest of the entire community.

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